With over 400 Million paid Vacation days going unused every year and Time Magazines’ Cover asking the question… Who Stole Summer Vacation, it’s no wonder our nation is the leader in worker burnout.

As Women entrepreneurs we tend to put ourselves on the back burner caring for others and not realizing we have not taken a much needed break. This is dangerous especially for small business owners and we have found the perfect solution to help you take a break and save thousands when doing so! What is a Dreamtrip? Take your bucket list item from Bora Bora, Dubai or Hawaii and spend less than 5 minutes to find it on a mobile portal over your phone and then pick, click and go to your desired destination.

This program has been rolled out to some of the largest and smallest companies in the World and Millions are enjoying the benefits of true Life/Work/Balance. So pack your bags and get ready to get your toes in the sand!

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