Own Your Destiny

A few years ago April Consulo lost her precious mother to Cancer, and she thought about all of the sacrifices her mother had made so that she could have an incredible life! From supporting her dreams of becoming a Country Music Singer/Songwriter as well as teaching her on how to become a successful business woman and entrepreneur at such a young age. So April started doing research on how many women live this exact way, sacrificing their dreams and happiness to serve others. She also started to interview women from all business professions that were having major success and what she instantly discovered is there is a common thread among most of these talented Women. April first noticed that most of them had guilt attached with their accolades and success and that many of them were struggling to move forward because of this. That is why April decided to start teaching Women to take control of their lives under her business mantra “ OWN YOUR DESTINY”.

This special section of our W.O.M.E.N. website is dedicated to advanced services and programs for W.O.M.E.N. that can help you through the struggles of guilt, finding true balance and knowing how to juggle your hopes and dreams with so much on your plate! That’s right… you can be an incredible Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend while owning a thriving business. You can ask for help from others in the household and other close friends without feeling like a failure or that everyone is suffering from your success. All it takes is someone to help you maneuver through the cycles of life and business. That’s where April comes in.. she has proven that so much of your guilt is coming from you believing you have to care for everyone! But the truth is, April will teach you how to care for yourself first and then all the rest falls into place.“ I know it sounds simple but its true April says. Have you ever flown on a plane and the stewardess says in case the cabin loses pressure, please put your oxygen mask on first before giving it to your child… that’s right, you have to breathe first to survive to help others! The question is…are you surviving or are you just barely breathing?”

Let April teach you how to OWN YOUR DESTINY! It’s time to start taking control again of your life.Review the following resources in this section from attending a Monthly W.O.M.E.N. meeting to being personally mentored and coached by April or just by purchasing her Audio Book/CD “ Permission to Live”.Just know that whatever level you decide to get started, April along with the entire W.O.M.E.N. organization applauds you for wanting to OWN YOUR DESTINY!